Why 3? Well.. I trust the number 3. Whether it’s how many of something is needed, primary colors or signs from the universe confirming intuitive feelings in the given moment, the number 3 is always there to be a helpful guide in the right direction. That direction often points towards openness, love, and compassion. Mind, body, and spirit all in harmony with one another. Completeness. 

   I suppose what started my fascination with the number 3 was a dream I had when I was living in LA about 5 years ago…

   I was sitting in the seats of the auditorium surrounded by mostly parents and teachers, waiting for my turn to step up onto the stage. It was my high school talent show. I was sitting through performances by faces that I realized then, I hardly knew or understood. A teacher of mine that I greatly admired was sitting next to me in the audience and was slyly telling me how she really felt about these silly performances. Through her slightly caustic remarks, I could then sorta gauge how much effort was needed to put on a truly spectacular and moving performance. It was time. I was up next. The announcer then said “Up next we have 3! 3! 3!” I woke up in a panic. The oddity of the sequence of the number 3 caught my attention in my waking life. Since then, I’ve simply paid attention to all of the numbers around me and what they may reveal. I’ve found that when the number 3 is present, it sends me to a state of mind that is often open enough so that nothing remains but openness and love for me and my surroundings.

   During these past 3 years pursuing what originally was intended to be a full length album, we slowly realized that the bulk of these songs were still in their infancy. We decided that if we narrowed it down to the top 3 songs, we would be more satisfied with that than with shoving a bunch of incomplete ideas onto a record and merely taking up more of your time. Your time is precious. 3 songs is enough for now. 3 is almost always enough. 



Matt Combs