It's cold outside...

I have a side job as a courier for the Caviar delivery service. I ride around for hours at a time seeing the ins and outs of the city. Sometimes I’ll go to a giant mansion in the hills and sometimes I’ll go to a small unsuspecting apartment somewhere on the east side. I also witness the Portland homeless sub culture almost the entire time. The other night I overheard a homeless man speaking with a few other people who also appeared to be homeless and he said “It’s going to get cold tonight, I need to go to bed.” I’ve never heard a homeless person say that they “need to go to bed”. It seemed odd, because it’s likely that they simply don’t have a bed…and why would they need to go to bed? Do they have a job to get to in the morning? Or is it some other survival task that needs to be attended to that consumes all of their time just like my jobs do mine? Either way, It struck me as unreasonable that he had to be concerned about being cold…like, truly concerned. Last year, in the winter of 2018, 4 homeless people died from hypothermia. Well, it’s that time of the year again and it has me wondering if any smart and compassionate soul has figured out a way to prevent this from happening again. I suppose theres not any money in that pursuit which is why in this day and age, it hasn’t quite been a top priority amongst our fellow shivering brothers and sisters. I can’t help but think that there has got to be some sort of material (cheap in production costs) that we have available or simply could create that would act as a barrier against the cold. Haven’t you ever been so cold that you can’t even think? With a problem like this, we could be freezing internal conflicts, struggles and hardships of the mind that could hold back a potentially important member of society from believing in them selves again, believing in their dreams, or developing new ones. How can you develop a new dream if you can’t stay inside of one long enough without it being interrupted by a brisk gust of wind that shakes you to your core? I don’t have the answers yet, but c’mon..we need come up with a way to fix this this very basic problem.


Matt Combs