"3" EP

Through out the last 3 years Family Mansion has develop as a band immensely. We started out as an instrument fumbling duo practicing a handful of songs in a friends living room in Frostburg, MD for the first year as a band, and then almost immediately set out on a tour towards Portland, OR where we've been residing since.

We've lived in 3 different places since we've been here. First one being with long time friend Danny Welch from Old Outfits (PDX). One of the first things we did was rent a practice space at puddle town studios that we were able to split the cost of. Old Outfits eventually became our fellow cosmic duo that we frequently played shows with around Portland. 

Then we moved into a tiny house...well not really a tiny house but a little house...ok it was a shed. But it was super cute! We painted every single wall a mix of our favorite colors,  and in some ways through that process we developed our aesthetics as a band in that house. We spent countless nights listening to our records, huddle by our sacred heater and talking endlessly about our aspirations as a band while smoking too many cigarettes. Either stuck in analysis paralysis or simply lost in our heads, we always found ways to bring some nice medium sized fish home while perpetually taking note of the bigger ones out there.  

We eventually simply needed more space and now share a house with Brett Stinson from Old Outfits (PDX). We are currently spending our 3rd year in Portland preparing for our release of our first EP developing a plethora of new songs in a new space that we love love love! Our friends are amazing. Community is everything. Summertime is the best.

Out of all of our songs that we've created so far (some came and went), we've narrowed it down to 3 songs that we feel truly embody us as a band during these 3 embryonic years. We hope you enjoy and come out to our next show! Ep entitled "3" is to be released on July 3rd. 

Matt Combs