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Photo cred: Danny Welch

Photo cred: Danny Welch


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Through the magic of loop pedals and collaborative imaginations, Family Mansion creates an inventive, never before seen exemplification of the sound of a full rock band, while remaining a true duo. 

While these two young Portlanders often switch roles in their multi-instrumentalists project, Matt Combs primarily sings lead vocals while holding down the bass parts via midi and being a one-arm drummer. Combs's three-brains performance is absolutely captivating! Laura Sullivan sings fervent harmonies that seem to dance around the room in a hopeful, colorful motion as she plays the tasteful cross-breed style of a rhythmic guitarist with shimmery golden lead riffs. Sullivan often collects bass parts with a loop pedal as Combs performs them in real time from behind the kit, allowing him to free up an arm as they play along with the unquantized midi bass performance. 

Family Mansion has spent most of their journey as a band constantly evolving the performance of their songs by gradually expanding their dexterousness, but also simplifying their live capabilities with the intent to provide a most truthful representation of themselves as musicians.

Family Mansion. That raucous, ever-present afterglow when you’re absolutely in love.  Equal parts sweet (“Hate to wake you up but I can’t wait to wake you up”) and carnal (“I’m the sunlight crawling for you”). The more frolicsome musings of Brighten Up the Corners-era Pavement with the stunning harmony of lovers who can climb inside one another’s voices and fit their instruments into a forward-thrusting down beat. This is Family Mansion, whose songs are musical fucking- hip, smart and fun.  He’s a drummer and singer and keyboardist.  She’s a cello and guitar and bass and backing vocalist.  Always there is dynamic tension and often, in the repetition of a word or a phrase, there is climax and release.  In “Solitary Art,” the Family Mansion remind us that, “It’s never too late to let your ego die.” And why not when such beautiful music results from its surrender?
— Tuscon Weekly

a satisfying and nuanced musical experience
— Monterey County Weekly


Family Mansion is going on a mini tour!